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Trauma-Informed Online Academy

/Grades PK - 12

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Trauma-Informed Online Academy
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byLucas Janes onTrauma-Informed Online Academy
Thank You for Online Trauma Training

Just a little note to say “thank you” for this online trauma training. It’s really been productive, and time well spent for me. I’ve always said college never really prepared me for dealing with 20-30 different personalities in the classroom. As I begin my 19th year teaching, that is STILL the most challenging aspect. It’s not the teaching that is so difficult. It’s staying regulated and teaching my students to self-regulate. Teaching becomes much easier and more meaningful for ALL when the emotions in the classroom are regulated. This training really does bridge that gap for me.

byCorey St. John onTrauma-Informed Online Academy

Our district has been implementing the Trauma-Informed Online Academy for almost two months and we are very happy with the platform. We have elected to deploy the academy system-wide for both certified and non-certified staff and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. I was intrigued at the very beginning because it allowed all of our staff (Approx. 200) a systemic approach with a common language surrounding becoming a trauma-informed district. One hesitation I had was the online format w/ videos, journals, and readings not being facilitated by an actual person, thus creating the possibility for disengagement. This system has been thoroughly engaging and the content has been relevant across all of our teachers and non-certified staff to the point where staff is extending their learning beyond our district expectations. The academy is meeting our teachers where they are at and focuses on what we need to do as individuals, buildings, and as a district to move forward. Overall we are happy with choosing this platform and look forward to even higher rates of growth in the future.

byDr. Susan Meade onTrauma-Informed Online Academy
Can not wait to get started with teachers this fall

Winterset Community School District is working diligently to implement plans to better meet the needs of our students and teachers around SEL and Trauma. In the process of vetting several professional development options, we have run across a very good one developed by Heather Forbes, LCSW with Educational Impact called The Trauma Informed Online Academy.

(1) It is based on Heather Forbes book Help for Billy and the trauma informed classroom/schools model
(2) It includes oodles of videos that really show teachers how traditional methods don't work and then videos of how to make modifications in the approach so that you can reach students
(3) I was shocked at the affordability, accessibility and ease in use
(4) It includes a component for parents

I've gone through almost the entire program this summer and can not wait to get started with teachers this fall.

Beyond Consequences Institue and Educational Impact

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Students who have been impacted by trauma carry a very heavy load and they operate at a perpetual high level of stress. This impacts their learning and ability to succeed socially and academically. A trauma-informed approach allows students to calm their brains, connect in relationship, and ease their stress levels. The outcome to these key factors has been proven to reduce behavioral issues and increase academic scores. Schools around the nation are finding success in all areas when becoming trauma-informed.

​Unlock the full potential of your faculty and staff by giving them the one-on-one, individualized training they need with Trauma-Informed Online Academy by Beyond Consequences Institute and Educational Impact. With around the clock access to educational experts at the click of a button, your school will engage in a smoother transition into becoming a trauma-informed team while remaining on the same page.

Designed and hosted by Heather T. Forbes, LCSW, one of the world’s leading trauma-informed experts, this online platform provides all the information you will need to successfully implement a trauma-informed model into your schools, as well as at a district-wide level.

The Trauma-Informed Online Academy is Like Nothing Else

This program is like nothing else out there. It gives schools the ability to move their schools to a trauma-informed platform which has been proven to be the best way to increase academic scores. Shifting to an online training program provides you the ability to keep your staff moving forward and to keep the momentum growing. No more “One and Done” trainings that all too often have proved to be a waste of time, money, and resources.

Educational Experts

It takes multiple experts from various fields to equip your teachers and staff to be able to successfully implement a trauma-informed approach. No one expert has all the answers. This program gives you educational experts from around the globe right at your fingertips, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With more than 40 hours of educational expertise, anyone at your school will have the ability to find the advice and the “how-to’s” quickly and with ease.

Cost-Effective for Every School and District

This online program is a cost-effective approach for you and your school to develop sustainable trauma-informed practices. Let’s break this down a little. Each time you have to pay for a specialist to come to your district to do an in-service training, teachers have to take time off from their classrooms and duties to attend. On top of that, many times you have to pay substitute teachers to cover their classes. With this online academy, you have access year-round for one price.