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To help educators and administrators continue to grow and learn themselves, it’s important that a school or district have a large quantity of resources and strategies available in areas where teachers might want or need assistance. The purpose of evaluation and development is to ensure that all students have a premier education.

Quality teacher evaluation and development is about creating an opportunity for educators to set goals for themselves and work towards those goals to impact student learning. On-going reflection and collaboration with peers plays an important role in the process. Evaluation of educators should offer regular, constructive feedback from administration that promotes student learning, support educators’ growth and development, and provide recognition of exceptional work.

We encourage you to use the power of technology and the internet to create blended learning opportunities for administrators, teachers and university students.

We only offer “best in class” technology solutions — ones that stand apart from the rest due to their proven ability to improve student learning and teacher effectiveness.

The bottom line is this: Education Technology Partners can help. Our mission is to provide the finest educational software, technology solutions and professional services to educational clients in the central United States.