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Network for Educator Effectiveness

/Grades PK - 12

The Network for Educator Effectiveness (NEE) is a comprehensive educator assessment system designed by experts on professional development and assessment within the University of Missouri’s College of Education.

Network for Educator Effectiveness by the University of Missouri College of Education

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The creators of NEE pride themselves on having developed educator evaluation tools that are simple and powerful.

NEE provides member school districts with a system for recording multiple measures of educator effectiveness, allowing evaluators to monitor progress and record information in one place for each educator using four data sources:

  • Classroom observations of teachers
  • Unit of Instruction (UOI) provided by each teacher
  • Professional Development Plan (PDP) provided by each teacher
  • Student Surveys

Data coming from these four sources is entered and recorded in the NEE Data Tool. Beyond providing a system for recording data, NEE also provides professional development targeting the areas of need reported in that data, making it a truly comprehensive system.

NEE is applicable to all grade levels and subject areas. Administrators of all levels of experience will find that NEE helps them improve the quality of their evaluations and become more effective instructional leaders.

In addition to classroom teachers, NEE provides evaluation tools for the following:

  • Principal: Building Improvement Plan (BIP), Building Personnel Development Plan (BPD), Principal Professional Development Plan (PPDP), and Teacher Survey
  • Library-Media Specialist: Evaluation Organizer and Scoring Rubric
  • Speech-Language Pathologists: Evaluation Organizer and Scoring Rubric
  • Professional School Counselors: Evaluation Organizer and Scoring Rubric

Web-Based Accessibility

  • Educator data is securely stored for multiple years
  • Evaluation Organizer/Artifact storage is included for easy retrieval
  • Data access is available with password-secured permission

Growth Orientation

  • Identifies professional development needs by individual, building, and school district
  • Professional development resources embedded in the system for use at the local level


Evaluators receive initial in-depth training and an annual refresher training. At these trainings, evaluators practice by scoring videos of teachers. Scores are then compared and evaluators are given feedback about their scoring practices. Evaluators take a qualification assessment at the end of their training. This helps to ensure consistency across evaluators in a building, in a school district, and across the state.

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Network for Educator Effectiveness
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