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Becky Jennings

/ Director, Professional Services & Certified Trainer

Becky Jennings first became involved with education technology solutions when she joined Apple Computer in 1980. She was one of the first trainers hired in the company and introduced Lisa and later, Macintosh computers. Later promoted to Regional Training Manager, Becky was responsible for all product introductions, training and development in the central Midwest. In addition to her experience with Apple, Becky has 20+ years in the industry in sales, sales training and professional development with such companies as Spectrum Training Corporation and COMPanion Corporation — and played a major role in developing a K-12 curriculum on threatened and endangered species for the St. Louis Zoo.

A certified trainer for AutoSkill and Vantage Learning, Becky is responsible for performing training, developing staff development programs and overseeing the training operation of Education Technology Partners.

As a mother of two school-age children in St. Louis, Missouri, Becky is truly aware of the challenges facing today’s student — and can implement solutions that will help your district’s students overcome those challenges.