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To achieve the vision of higher standards and ensure all students are on track to be college and career ready, schools must develop struggling readers into proficient and avid learners. But reaching them early in their academic journey is key.

Numerous studies have shown that when students are not proficient readers by the time they reach fourth grade, they continue to fall further behind their peers. The Children’s Reading Foundation has found that about 25 percent of all 4th graders understand less than a third to a half of the printed curriculum they encounter from that point on—and the situation worsens as they progress through the system. By the time they reach high school, many simply give up.

The reasons why each student grapples with reading are as varied as the children themselves. So schools must employ multiple strategies to support struggling readers and accelerate improvement. It can seem overwhelming for educators to individualize instruction for a class full of 20-30 students.

New adaptive technologies and digital content platforms enable schools to provide personalized reading at a lower cost and time-investment than is possible through print and one-on-one instruction. Through digital reading environments, educators can assess student’s individual skills and ability levels and offer students a broad range of books to choose from that match their needs and interests, as well as the opportunity to read anytime, anywhere. Teachers and students receive real-time feedback on progress and the ability to monitor growth toward standards mastery.

We only offer “best in class” technology solutions — ones that stand apart from the rest due to their proven ability to improve student learning and teacher effectiveness.

The bottom line is this: Education Technology Partners can help. Our mission is to provide the finest educational software, technology solutions and professional services to educational clients in the central United States.