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Customized Professional Development Dr. Carol Michaels

We believe that curriculum must be a living tool for learning … it can’t be created/revised every five years and then put on a shelf to never be revisited.  Curriculum must also be standards-based (local, state, national) and this alignment between the standards and curriculum must be easily verified.  Some other things we believe:

  • The curriculum must serve as the foundation for beginning to build a collaborative culture.
  • We must overcome the tradition of teacher isolation – the focus of teachers must go beyond their classroom.
  • Teachers are not always good at sharing ideas/activities.
  • We need to find a way to allow teachers to easily share ideas/activities with other teachers.
  • Curriculum must be easily developed, easily accessible, and time friendly.

The bottom line is this: curriculum must be of value to all audiences (students, parents/community, teachers, administrators, & school board) and be able to enhance classroom instruction, improve student learning and serve as the catalyst for addressing the needs of all students.

We only offer “best in class” technology solutions — ones that stand apart from the rest due to their proven ability to improve student learning and teacher effectiveness.

The bottom line is this: Education Technology Partners can help. Our mission is to provide the finest educational software, technology solutions and professional services to educational clients in the central United States.