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/Grades PK - 12

BuildYourOwnCurriculum - The Framework for K-12 Curriculum Success

Schools are successful when passionate teachers collaborate and work toward common goals. This basic premise—that effective living curriculum is core to a successful school district—is the foundation of BuildYourOwnCurriculum (BYOC). Using web-based technology, BYOC brings the planning, teaching, and learning experience into an evolving documented process that is easy to use, accessible anywhere, and aligned district-wide.

Created by teachers for teachers, BYOC includes helpful tools to effectively connect curriculum planning to classroom management allowing educators to save time, continuously improve, and shift focus to their true passion—teaching.

Curriculum Improvement with BuildYourOwnCurriculum

Create a truly effective district by implementing a model where you PLAN what will be taught, TEACH what should be taught, ANALYZE the results, and IMPROVE the plan for ongoing, district-wide growth!

Standards Gap Analysis

BYOC can instantly generate a report to indicate the gaps in your district’s curriculum. Red lines clearly show where standards should be taught, while the black lines illustrate where your curriculum currently addresses those standards.

BYOC Fits Into Your District

Two editions of BuildYourOwnCurriculum give districts the choice of how their curriculum will drive their classroom instruction. Both options provide district-wide common curriculum, while BYOC+ offers added features such as a curriculum-based classroom management system and district-defined electronic assessments. Choose the option that best fits the needs of your district.

Curriculum ManagementBYOCBYOC+
State and national standards database  
District Defineable curriculum template  
K-12 vertical and horizontal articulation  
Analysis by standard or concept  
Cross-district searching and sharing  
Curriculum gap analysis and reporting  
Public curriculum portal  
Integrated lesson planner  

Classroom ManagementBYOCBYOC+
Student Portal 
Assignments with optional assessment support 
Discussion threads 
Announcements at district, building, grade or class level 
Events at district, building, grade or class level 

Assessment ManagementBYOCBYOC+
Assessment development tool 
Question alignment to standards or learning targets from curriculum 
Pre- and post-testing capability 
Online student wizard for taking assessments 
Third party scanner support 
Student/Class/District performance reporting 
Assessment quality analysis 

Training & SupportBYOCBYOC+
Customized district configuration  
Web and onsite training  
Unlimited phone and email support