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Assessment Management

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Assessment is most valuable when it informs instruction. Educators need assessment management tools that help them define, manage and analyze both formative and district-wide assessments as well as ever-changing state and national standards. Assessments are also reflective of a districts curriculum so assessment management must allow educators to make improvements to ensure assessments and teaching are aligned, and successful instruction is retained while unsuccessful portions are removed.

An effective assessment tool is one that provides powerful capabilities to create, manage and analyze assessment data. It would offer complete alignment to state and national standards, district benchmarks, or individual learning targets as defined in the district’s curriculum.

We only offer “best in class” technology solutions — ones that stand apart from the rest due to their proven ability to improve student learning and teacher effectiveness.

The bottom line is this: Education Technology Partners can help. Our mission is to provide the finest educational software, technology solutions and professional services to educational clients in the central United States.